Saturday, July 20, 2024
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REVIEWED: Patriot Fuel+ battery for phones & tablets

Recharging an iPhone four times, this is the best value choice for heavy users

05Although it comes in several shapes and sizes, the test sample of the Fuel+ we lived with for a few weeks boasted a massive 9,000mAh battery.

Massive battery power

Not surprisingly it’s also one of the largest of the lot, weighing 190g and measuring 114x93x25mm, though it’s easily small enough to leave in the pocket of a work bag.
In terms of features it’s got it all; dual USB slots for simultaneous charging, one of them tablet-friendly. With enough grunt to charge a smartphone up to four times over, in our test we re-fuelled an iPad Mini 2 to 90% from empty.

Great for off-grid trips

Its huge size does mean it’s best left overnight to charge itself, though that shouldn’t be an issue since it will keep a couple of gadgets going all day. Perfect for top-ups to a smartphone (or two) while away from civilisation, the Patriot Fuel+ is perfect for putting in carry-on luggage for worry-free long haul journeys.

Price as reviewed: £40.98

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