Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Icebreaker Oasis Men’s Everyday Leggings

Great for early starts and late nights outside in freezing conditions, merino wool wins again for warmth & packability

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Whether your next trip is going to involve a 4 AM start to reach the summit of the mountain, or you plan to go outside late at night (perhaps stargazing, or just around the campsite), you’re going to need some pretty hefty trousers. But who wants to pack a whole extra pair of trousers just for about one brief activity? Step forward these comfortable and stretchable leggings that, thanks to the use of merino wool, are both warm and easy to care for.

Marvellous merino

The Icebreaker Oasis Men’s Everyday Leggings are nothing exciting to look at, but when worn under a pair of jeans in -10 the temperatures in northern Arizona during Winter, TravGear can attest to their somewhat surprising warmth. As well as a built-in fly for easy access (an underrated feature indeed in any kind of winter clothing), the Oasis go on and off easily enough. However, since merino wool is a little more delicate than your average nylon/man-made materials (despite it being much warmer), we advise you not to use these leggings while skiing; tears will be the likely result.

Small & quick drying

As with any leggings, the the Icebreaker Oasis Men’s Everyday Leggings fold-up into almost nothing, though it’s worth remembering that these are much warmer than most so that’s actually quite an impressive feat. That’s useful if you’re planning on packing light on winter trip, which is certainly not an easy thing to do. As a nice bonus, the Icebreaker Oasis Men’s Everyday Leggings are easy to wash and dry really, really quickly; wash them last thing at night and they’ll be dry by morning in most hotel rooms. A great addition to anyone’s winter capsule wardrobe.

Price as reviewed: £50

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