Thursday, July 25, 2024
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PREVIEWED: PetCube interactive pet monitor

CES 2015, Las Vegas: watch, talk and play with your pet on your smartphone

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Travelling the world and meeting new cats is great fun, but what about poor old Mister fluff back home?

Pet project

Petcube is a two-way camera with extras that helps keep people connected with their pets.The camera lets you watch, talk and play with a pet from a smartphone, no matter where they are in the world – as long as you’re online.

App for that

It comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and as well as talking to your pet through the camera, it’s possible to watch them and even play simple laser games. Annoy your cat from 7,000 miles away? Great idea – though since he sleeps 23 hours a day, the time-difference could be tricky to work out.