Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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PREVIEW: Hyper Pearl travel mirror

CES 2015, Las Vegas: pocket-sized mirror with 3,000mA battery for recharging a smartphone

unnamedThe travel mirror isn’t the most exciting travel gadget around, but even if it wasn’t in need of a refresh, it’s got one. By adding a battery to its Pearl compact mirror, makers Hyper have performed the old two-in-one trick so beloved of those of us trying our best to travel light.

Kickstarter success

Like almost everything at the CES, Hyper’s Pearl is a Kickstarter success, having raised US$100,000 on the crowdsourcing website.Able to charge iPhone, iPad, Android and any USB powered devices, the Pearl’s built-in battery is good for about putting about two-thirds of a charge into a n iPhone 5S, so don’t plan on weeks away off-grid.

Twice as useful

Featuring two mirrors (one normal and one magnified 3x), the Pearl also has a LED ring light and comes in red, silver and gold. At 90x13m and weighing 119g, it;s not going to

The battery reimagined

“With the proliferation of power hungry smartphones and tablets, USB battery packs are becoming commonplace,” says Daniel Chin, Founder and CEO of Hyper. “However the last thing we want is to carry yet another gadget to power our gadgets … hence we decided to reimagine the battery pack by combining it with a common fashion accessory, the compact mirror. If response to Pearl is good, we will definitely look at integrating USB battery packs with other existing useful accessories.”

Price as previewed: US$39.95

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