Sunday, July 21, 2024
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REVIEWED: Holga DLFT-IP5 Lens Filter and Case

Extra-special effect lens kit for the iPhone 5/5s

Holga DLFT-IP5 Lens Filter and Case Made specifically for the iPhone 5/5S, and the successor to the DLFT-IP5 iPhone Lens Filter, this is a very special effect lens kit. Slipping onto the top side of an iPhone 5/5S, it gives you no less than nine different special effects and filters.


Novelty filters

They range from the simple and novelty to the serious and impressive; the first five are merely red, green, yellow and blue colour filters, with a second red filter provided with a clear heart-shaped centre. Though they’re useful for enhancing various shades and reducing the absorption of some light, it’s the other four that will impress most.

Four fantastic filters

As well as Dual, Triple and Quadruple Image Lens that produce multiple identical images, there’s a 60mm macro lens for taking close-ups, and an empty space for taking effect-less shots.

Manual affair

It’s a completely manual affair, so there’s no need to download an app or change any settings. The Holga Lens Filter and Case is available in red, blue, white, black or yellow.

Price: US$32.99

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