Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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REVIEWED: Sandberg Powerbank 8000 portable smartphone battery

Its capacity of 8,000 mAh makes this a great value portable battery for a tablet

Measuring 20x105x76mm and weighing 198g, the Sandberg Powerbank 8000 has two USB outputs for refuelling a smartphone and a table simultaneously, though it’s not obvious which one is which.

Slow to charge

There are a few other caveats; the Sandberg Powerbank 8000 takes about twice as long to charge-up as most of the other high capacity batteries we’ve tested, though it empties into a tablet at about the same (relatively slow) rate. In less than three hours the Sandberg Powerbank 8000 put 68% into a flat iPad Mini 2.

Blue LEDs

It’s one of the few portable batteries with an on/off switch; when depressed a crescent of four blue LEDs flash, reducing in number as the charge is decreased. Plugged into power via micro USB, the lights reverse.

If the hat fits …

Handily, as well as a recoil-able USB-micro USB cable there are interchangeable hats for mini USB, Apple 30-pin, and – uniquely – Apple Lightning. It means iPhone users can at last travel without a mess of cables in tow.

Price as reviewed: £43.50

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