Friday, July 19, 2024
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REVIEWED: Innergie PocketCell Duo rechargeable battery bank

Pack some power with this incredibly pricey, though pocket-sized, energy boost for phones & tablets

Innergie PocketCell Duo rechargeable battery bankGadgets constantly get faster and flatter, but as we rely more on our smartphones and tablets, so battery power becomes a big issue when we’re out and about. Step forward the PocketCell portable battery pack, whose rounded shape makes it easy to pocket.

Great design

More about build quality than raw battery power, Innergie’s PocketCell Duo is exceptionally well designed and made. Its rounded shape makes it one of the easiest of the big batteries to stow either in a pocket, jacket or handbag, with its 94x43x23mm and 130g weight somehow including a couple of USB outputs, too.

Phones & tablets

One of those USBs works with smartphones only, while the other attends to tablets; in our test the PocketCell Duo’s 6,800mAh battery took an iPad Mini 2 to about half-full from empty, and charged an iPhone 5S thrice over. However, since the five blue LEDs that indicate its current capacity only light up when you press them, it’s unclear at a glance how far the PocketCell Duo is through the charging process.

Trio of adaptors

The cute design continues with the PocketCell Duo’s unique cable. It’s a clever stacked approach, with three un-loseable adaptors – for Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple 30-pin connector – snapping into the next as required.

Easy to travel with

The lack of an Apple Lightning adaptor puts it slightly behind the times, but few batteries have any adaptors; this is a fuss-free battery that’s among the easiest to travel with. However, there are far, far cheaper options.

Price as reviewed: £75

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