Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Booq Booqpad for iPad Air

Ideal for work trips, this leather-clad organiser gives your ‘pad some productivity

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You’re travelling with work and going to meetings; do you take your iPad or a notebook? Step forward the Booqpad, an all-in-one organiser that not only puts paper next to a ‘pad, but adds slots for train tickets, business cards, cash and a pen or stylus.

Left, right

Weighing just 122g and designed to be used by both right and left-handers, the Booqpad is leather on the outside and soft suede on the inside. It’s a bit different to the previous version, however, so be careful; you’ll find no way to prop-up an iPad Air, and it’s a tad bulkier, too. It’s also got no magnetic closing device that auto-switches-off an iPad, while the camera is completely covered. Why no camera cut-out?

Great on paper

The Booqpad comes with an enclosure on the side that loops around to fasten-in an iPad and whatever else is inside. A paper pad is included; it’s A6-sized, and there’s about 50 leaves.

iPad inside

An iPad Air fits in snugly enough at the spine, and the leather frame that keeps it in place is tough. It’s a snug fit, though the leather flap that folds around the inside of the iPad at the spine is a little hard to wrench out. Getting your iPad out in a hurry isn’t as easy as it should be, but there is enough padding and space around the tablet to give it some protection if dropped. That’s unlike most cases.

Lacks a prop & magnets

A well-made, highly protective and good value organiser, all the Booqpad misses is what its predecessor had – options to prop-up an iPad for watching movies or working, and a magnetic closing option. Whether that’s a deal-breaker will depend on your travel habits, but we love the addition of pouches for tickets and credit cards – and it’s always good to have a pen nearby.

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Price as reviewed: £49.80