Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Native Union Night cable for Apple Lightning

This 3m weighted cable keep your phone or iPad close in socket-light hotel rooms

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After a long day on the road and a dead smartphone, there are three immediate needs; sleep, a recharge and an alarm in the morning. So why do hotel rooms never have a plug near the bed? It puts everything in jeopardy, so it’s with open arms that we welcome the Night, a three-metre Apple Lightning cable, which promises not only to keep a phone recharging while on a bedside table – rather than in the corner out of reach – but well-weighted, to, so it won’t fall on the floor.

Problem solver

Solving the problem of having to use your phone by the wall as it charges, the long, braided  and hard-wearing charging cable has a weighted anchor (it looks like a ball of wool) that keeps your cable in place when you unplug your device. It’s a nice idea, and for those who don’t mind carrying the extra 141g of weight, it’s worth the space it will take-up. It’s available in three colours; Zebra, Marine and Red.

Great for iPads

The Night cable is also useful around the home; if you’re a frequent user of an iPad while sitting on the sofa, you can attach the Night cable to a USB wall charger behind the sofa, say, and recharge the tablet while you use it. When you detach it from the iPad, that anchor keeps the Night cable in place on the armrest. It’s simple, functional design – and it works.

Price at time of review: £34.99

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