Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Tech 21 Classic Tactical case for iPhone 6

Primed for the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6, this drop-proof case is made of tough stuff

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Yeah, yeah, we know – everyone likes slim, transparent cases that show-off the industrial-grade aluminium design of their latest slab of smartphone. Well, if you’re travelling a lot, you actually need a case with bump-proof brains – and that’s exactly what the British-designed Tech 21 Classic Tactical brings.

Absorbs impact

Weighing 32g and certainly bulkier than your average iPhone 6 case, the Tech 21 Classic Tactical remains as sleek and as simple as possible while also providing some decent protection. Its silicon outer is crammed with Tech 21’s famed D30 impact material, which is designed to absorb shockwaves when dropped. D30 is the kind of stuff that makes or breaks so-called travel-proof gadgets and bags; if it’s not got D30 in, it generally doesn’t too what it’s supposed to.


That’s not a problem with the Tech 21 Classic Tactical, which we enjoyed using with the iPhone 6. It fits perfectly snugly, has soft, rounded edges, and provides cut-outs for the rear camera, mute button, speakers and the Lightning slot. It’s also got a rocker for the volume. Its adds peace of mind without being disruptive, though it is more about protection that showing-off.

Highly recommended

It’s not waterproof and it’s not going to win any style points, but the one-trick, good value Tech 21 Classic Tactical could just save your smartphone. Reasonably sleek and easy to travel with, it’s eminently pocketable, and comes highly recommended for your next trip.

Price as reviewed: £24.99

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