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REVIEWED: Native Union Power Link Tassel for Apple Lightning

Cowboy-style convenience for iPads & iPhones, but it’s way too expensive

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It’s a handy Apple Lightning cable. And it costs £50. It’s a bafflingly high cost when it’s considered against competitors like the Nomad ChargeKey, which is much less than half the price, but Native Union’s Tassel is handy nonetheless.

Cowboy cool

A leather-clad holster with a tassel on one end and a clip on the other to link it to a belt-loop or bag, the Native Union Tassel weighs a paltry 27g, and stretches to around 100mm in length – so it’s only just long enough to make a link for a sync. It’s sold in tan, red and blue leather


Link for a sync

Ideal for those who travel with a laptop and and iPhone or iPad and need to sync one to the other, the Tassel is otherwise of questionable value. It might work well clipped to a bag, but it’s far too short – even when fully extended – to be used to recharge an Apple device from a USB plug.

Designed for travel

Clearly designed for a life on the road,the Tassel is well designed though only from an aesthetic point of view. the Apple Lightning and USB 2.0 terminations are stored  in a small leather pouch that has a magnetically closing lid.


The tassel needs to be pulled down sharply to get the boys back in the barracks, but how to you get them out again? By clumsily pushing the cables up through two small holes in the leather, that’s how. It’s all a bit cumbersome.

Lacks versatility

Though a nice-looking option for those who travel with a laptop and an iDevice and hate travelling with cables, the Native Union Power Link Tassel for Apple Lightning is overpriced and not as easy to use as it looks.

Price as reviewed: £49.99

Buy the Native Union Power Link Tassel for Apple Lightning

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