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REVIEWED: BenQ GP10 portable DLP LED projector

Great iOS integration and extra brightness bring 45-inch presentations to life

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If you’ve got a projector, share it; ever-smaller sizes – some as tiny as the palm of your hand – and increasing brightness are making portable home cinema from gadgets like the BenQ GP10 a movable feast.Projectors are at last becoming more common; one manufacturer even touted a projector to us once with the laughable tag-line of ‘great for camping trips when you just want to watch a movie’.

Bigger picture

We’re not sure about that, but with WiFi connectivity, integrated flash drives and media player software that can play digital video files, the portable projector is quickly becoming part of home entertainment’s bigger picture. BenQ’s latest is aimed at serial presenters that can find themselves having to impress at short notice – and even shorter throws, but it’s also great for movies.


Able to project a very respectable, bright and colourful 45-inch image from barely a metre away from a screen or wall, the BenQ GP10 is the ultimate coffee table beamer. Shipping with a small shoulder bag, this 1.5kg DLP LED projector has a RGB PC input alongside composite video, HDMI, USB, SD Card and audio in – and even stereo 3W speakers.


Its 1280×800 pixels and 500 Lumens deliver an excellent image, though it’s those versatile sources – all tied-up by its own EZ QPresenter software – that impress most of all, and it gets better; the GP10 can play files (including MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG-2, MOV and WMV video files) stored on a variety of sources, and even links to an iPad or iPhone installed with a free GP10 QPresenter app. And did we mention the wireless display mirroring for laptops?

Price as reviewed: £554

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