Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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REVIEWED: Vango DLX Self Inflating Pillow

Great for camping, this pillow with neck support makes a great seat, too

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If you’ve ever wild-camped or even had to hike across Glastonbury festival, it’s likely that the pillow is the first thing you crossed-off your packing list. Big mistake. Vango’s 40x40cm DLX pillow weighs just 203g when empty, though the drawstring bag it comes in a deal with a view compression straps to really take it to light traveller-grade.

Contoured design

The DLX claims to self inflate, but in practice it never really gets beyond  half full. However, that doesn’t matter date since about two breaths of air into the easily fastening nozzle on the top left-hand corner pumps it up in seconds. Et voila; a comfy pillow that slightly rises under the neck and lowers in the middle.  If you sleep on your back, it’s fantastic, though it’s worth leaving it slightly under 100% full to keep it supple.

Emergency seat

If you’re travelling light, which if your camping, you probably are, the DLX’s contoured design makes it double as a great seat for inside the tent, too. We also found the DLX handy when we trying to peer through a telescope trained at the night sky right above us; we’re not saying use the DLX as a knee-pad in the garden, but … it works!

Great for lightweight travel

Most airbags have pillows built in, but if yours doesn’t, or you’ve moved over to more compact and lightweight roll-mats like the Multimat, Vango’s DLX Self-Inflating Pillow is only a few compression straps away from being awesome travel gear.

Price as reviewed: £15.00

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