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REVIEWED: Knomo Knomad Mini Power portable organiser

Keep your tablet, phone, passport, tickets, cables and even a battery in one place with this fold-out clutch

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All travellers have special places for their tickets, passport, keys and money, but we’re now travelling with more devices than ever. Where to put it all? Knomo’s Knomad Mini provides not only a space to put your tablet and smartphone, but even adds a high powered battery.

Long-haul leviathan

Underneath the canvas Knomad Mini in the packaging is a 5,000mAh battery that’s good for at least two complete recharges of an iPhone 5S, as well as two six-inch cables, one for Apple Lightning and the other the Android/Kindle micro USB cable.

Everything inside

All of that fits into the Knomad Mini alongside a smartphone, an eight-inch tablet (could be a Kindle  e-reader, a Kindle Fire, any Android device, or an iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina). The battery gets its own snug pocket, while there’s just room for an air ticket. Sadly, to get a ticket into the pocket, it needs to be folded in half. A full-length slip pocket would have been better.

Cable tidies

On the other side of the Knomad Mini are some elasticated loops to keep earphones, a charging cable (such as the tiny cbles supplied with the Knomad Mini, or something like the Nomad ChargeKey https://travgear.com/2014/04/16/cable-killer-on-a-keyring/) and a USB stick from becoming annoyances.

Passport pocket

There’s a pocket for passport, too, as well as for about three credit cards (though we managed to get two into each one). In the gutter between the two sections there’s a pen holder – presumably for filling-out immigration forms (advice: borrow a tiny pen from a betting shop) – and there’s even a tiny pocket for an SD card from a camera.

Return to sender

If you lose the Knomad Mini, don’t fret; there’s a unique ID number on a tag at the top of the interior, which could help it find its way back to you.

Thought of everything?

Pack it full of tech, tickets, cables and suchlike and the Knomad Mini does get pretty bulky, but it’s a great way of staying organised while on the road. Kudos to Knomo for supplying some a hefty battery – it could be a game-changer if you’re pulling a double long-haul – and also for those tiny Apple Lightning and micro USB cables. Available in black, brown, olive and blue, the Knomo Knomad Mini is also available without the battery for £45; either way, it’s good value.

Price as reviewed: £119

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