Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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REVIEWED: Acer K10 Pico projector

With 100 lumens brightness, this Pico portable makes a decent stab at movies and presentations on the go

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A tad brighter than most Pico projectors, at 100 lumens, Acer’s K10 Pico is nevertheless slightly less detailed than others. With a resolution of 858×600 pixels, this travel-friendly model weighs around 550g and easily sits in the palm.

Dim the lights

Primed for use in a darkened room, the K10 nevertheless impresses, with its LED light source (rated to last about 20,000 hours) providing just enough brightness for enjoyable onscreen antics.

Ready, aim, fire!

The K10’s ready-aim-fire set-up in hand (kudos to its auto keystone feature for that), its sources of video are somewhat limited. There’s a composite video input and a RGB PC input for attaching a laptop, which is a tad old fashioned, though will suit those with ageing hardware just fine.

60-inch max.

Count on an image size of around 50-60 inches – no larger – and Acer’s K10 will provide acceptable pictures from both 4:3 and widescreen video files stored on a laptop, which considering its size and price is impressive.

Price as reviewed: £150

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