Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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PREVIEW: IFA 2014 – LG PG60G ceiling projector

IFA 2014 – Create a cinema anywhere – even above you – with this detachable, battery powered pocket projector

Live from the IFA 2014 trade show, Berlin, Germany

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Setting-an an impromptu presentation is hard enough, but what if you want to watch a movie while in bed? Designed to be portable and used in both meeting rooms and hotel rooms, LG’s PG60G has an integrated battery that recharges when it’s in its dock.

However, if can sit in that dock in two positions, either pointing at the wall or at the ceiling, It creates a decent image of about 50-60-inches in size when perched on a small table, with movies, photos or Microsoft Office files fed into it from a USB stick. Designed for movies anywhere – and even outside (while camping? Seriously?) – the PG60G also has and Android smartphone/tablet-centric WiDi and Miracast tech for both wireless data transfer and screen mirroring.

Price as previewed: £449