Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Jazooli battery case for iPhone 5/5s

Remarkable value battery wraparound that glides on and off, and gives 100%

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How much? With the likes of Mophie, Belkin and Odoyo charging upwards of £60 for wraparound battery cases for the iPhone 5/5s, the cost of a mere £13,99 for this Jazooli gets the alarm bells ringing. And the good news? It’s at least 90% as good as any of those big name brands’ efforts.

Novel design

As well as offering a low price, the Jazooli has a unique design, too. The top slides off to allow an iPhone 5/5s to slide in over an Apple Lightning connector within. Once closed, the battery can be charged via microUSB, with the Jazooli prioritising the phone rather than the case. A flick of a switch on the reverse – next to a line of LEDs showing the charge level within – charges-up an iPhone.


That top contains a cut-out for the iPhone camera, then slips into place very easily, and comes off just as quickly. However, this case does have the same issue as many others in that it only accepts exceptionally slimline earphone jack. There are gaps for the iPhone speakers and volume rockers, and an on-off switch that all work in tandem with the real switches on the phone itself.

100% charge

The Jazooli is built around a 2,200mAh battery. During our review it proved slow to charge-up its guest, but it did completely recharge an almost flat iPhone. The LED indicators on the reverse told us that it was only 50% discharged, but another attempt at a recharge took a flat iPhone to only 20%. If you know its quirks, the Jazooli is terrific value.

Price as reviewed: £13.99

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