Monday, June 24, 2024
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REVIEWED: Fat Face Sports Wrap Rubber Sunglasses

Travel-friendly and affordable sunglasses that don’t fall off when you’re dashing for a train

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We all know branded sunglasses are not only a con, but very often they’re designed purely for fashion and not with the rigours of the road in mind. Fat Face’s Sports Wrap Rubber Sunglasses are a bit different.

Silicon style

They don’t do anything complicated, but instead of using the usual poor quality metallic frames that easily slip from ears and heads, the Sports Wrap Rubber Sunglasses use a combination of hard, matte red silicon that’s far more hard-wearing.

Travel-proof design

As well as silicon, the Sports Wrap Rubber Sunglasses add ear grips that use soft (fake) rubber that has a bit of give. It’s more than enough to prevent these basic, affordable sunglasses from falling off when you make a dash for a plane/train/bus.

Price as reviewed: £25

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