Saturday, April 13, 2024
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REVIEWED: Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt

Is this the perfect shirt for wash ‘n’ wear travel in sticky summers?

Price at time of review: £30

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The Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt keeps you cool, doesn’t smell and it dries in just a few hours.

We love Columbia travel gear. Hailing from the US, it’s a brand that can be seen carted around the world by many a North American traveller, and with good reason. The Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt follows in that tradition by being lightweight and with some travel-friendly features.

Great for humidity

This isn’t cotton. Worn in a hot and humid environment, the Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt feels flimsy, but doesn’t cling to skin. We’re not totally convinced about how long it’s going to last – it’s just so thin and there’s a bit of give in the fabric, too – but at just £30 who’s complaining?

Security pocket

The short-sleeve design means it’s not particularly suitable in mosquito-laden areas, and we’re not sure how useful its chest security pocket is, either. OK, so it’s a travel staple, but who wants to zip-up their money or a passport in a an almost transparent pocket? It’s probably best thought of as somewhere to stash things when in the confines of an airport.

Quick drying

It’s the Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt’s usefulness when on a trip that wins out. In our test we washed it, hung it out to dry indoors, and were wearing it again three hours later. We could probably have halved that time and not been uncomfortable, especially in heat. For those worrying about taking a white shirt on a trip, the Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt comes in black, too.

All-round travel

Though its durability means that the Columbia Ripsoft Short Sleeve Shirt is worth keeping tucked away in your travel draw rather than endlessly worn at home, this is a great shirt for for travel in humid areas.

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