Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Everything Tablet Flip Case Stand for iPad Mini Retina

Bargain-priced flip case with travel-safe canvas notebook disguise, here’s a fuss-free way of watching video on tray tables – and at any angle

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Is the iPad Mini the ultimate travel gadget? Here at we’ve used Newsstand to convert all of our magazine subscriptions to digital, populated the Kindle app, downloaded a handful of travel programs from the BBC iPlayer, and set off on our travels with enough entertainment to get us to Australia and back. But what to put the iPad Mini in to protect it and – just as importantly – make it hands-free?

Simple & functional

There are tons of iPad Mini cases around. Specially made for the iPad Mini 2 Retina model, the great value Everything Tablet’s Flip Case & Stand – which comes in black with an orange inner – stands out from the crowd in two ways; it’s as simple and as slight as possible while still retaining the kind of functionality that’s important on the road.

Clean design

It weighs a paltry 183g and looks like a notebook. Black woven canvas fabric is stitched to the front of a sturdy cover that has cut-outs on the rear for both the camera and the microphone. It’s smooth all-over except for a slight ridge on the back that helps the case bend inwards and stand-up for watching the iPad Mini in landscape (video) mode.

Clever materials

That orientation is handy for watching video, of course, but where Everything Tablet’s Flip Case & Stand differs from most is in its clever use of friction and materials; instead of three clunky ridges or ditches that dock the iPad in different positions for video, surfing or typing – as found on most such cases – the soft felt-like orange PU leather-like material on the inside has enough friction for the iPad to stay in whatever position you put it in.

Auto sleep for iPad

Add the crucial ability for the case to put the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed, and an elastic clasp to keep it shut, and we’ve got an excellent combination of features. The any-angle feature is one we love, but it’s the simple notebook-style disguise we love best on this great value option for the iPad Mini 2.

Price as reviewed: £19.99
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