Friday, June 14, 2024
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REVIEWED: Martian G2G smart watch for voice commands

This voice command watch for iPhone & Android smartphones needs a good talking to – and if you do just that, Siri responds

Price at time of review: US$245

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The G2G needs a good talking to. A tap of a button on this watch and your smartphone’s personal assistant – such as Siri or Google Now – is at your service. So how come the G2G is the only smart watch that offers voice control?

Phone-free calls

Being told about tomorrow’s weather is fine, but more useful is the 39x37x13.34mm G2G’s speakers; tell Siri who you want to call and it will dial through, enabling a completely phone-free call, albeit in basic quality.

OLED display

The G2G’s others features revolve around a tiny 96×16 pixel OLED display, from where it’s possible to snap a photo on a connected smartphone, or set the watch to beep loudly if it strays too far from its smartphone master.

Questionable reliability

Despite its screen, most of the alert functions of the G2G are determined by a simple app. Enter your login details in the free Martian Watch Alerts app and it will push Facebook messages, Twitter mentions, emails, text message alerts (at last!) to the G2G, though it doesn’t display any text on the watch itself. Pairing over Bluetooth is easy, but in our test frequently lost contact and failed to send alerts, so we’d question its reliability. Its rechargeable lithium battery charges over USB, and lasted a full day in our test.

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