Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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REVIEWED: Barbour case for iPad Mini

Just add Land Rover: this ‘wax jacket’ brown leather case has folio functionality too

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Price at time of review: £54.95

A wax jacket for an iPad Mini might not be the most obvious choice for travellers, but there’s a lot to like about this Barbour-branded effort from Proporta.

Brown faux leather

The brown leather-look is pretty convincing, even to the touch, though its tough character comes through in its rather heavy 221g bulk. Still, decent protection for the tablet is guaranteed.

Tartan inner

Despite the brown outer, the padded Barbour wax jacket look is only obvious when the case is opened; inside is an area to snap-in an iPad Mini, but on the inner cover are two ridges done out in the famous tartan fabric that adorns the insides of Barbour jackets.

Touchscreen typing

Those ridges are padded and raise up, acting as stoppers to hold the iPad Mini in place when it’s used in landscape mode – for watching video, say, though the lowest of the three positions is great for touchscreen typing. A cutout for the iPad Mini’s rear camera and another for the microphone adds to the Barbour case’s appeal.

Just add Land Rover

The Barbour case magnetically closes, which brings the auto-on/off feature into play, too. Its styling is hard-wearing and the folio functionality makes it decent all-round option, though we can see outdoorsy folk loving it most. Just add Land Rover.