Sunday, July 21, 2024
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REVIEWED: Covert Suki cover for iPad

Pony skin for sale. Covert pushes the envelope with this cool clutch

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Don’t panic – this iPad case isn’t really made of dead ponies. Instead, cow hide has been crafted in three different ways to look like pony, ostrich and, err, cowhide on this glamorous pink clutch.


Hand-stitched by Covert and looking fabulous, Suki looks like an envelope. As well as the three kinds of leather, there’s a gold-coloured rim that hides a magnetic fastener. The iPad 3 we had to hand fitted perfectly snugly into its (fake) velvety interior, and it was easy to get out as well as shove in.

Fit for travel

It’s a clean design, and there’s little to catch on a tote or bag, so it’s fit for travel. It weighs 335g, which is pretty heavy compared to most cases, but that’s leather for you. It’s also available in black, orange and crimson.

Pony skin flanks

We just can’t get over the pony skin flanks, they’re so … so… soft. Is there a factory somewhere that turns cows into ponies? If there is, and you ever go there, the Covert Suki makes a decent travel companion though it’s at its best for trips out on the town.

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Price at time of review: £34.99