Saturday, June 22, 2024

REVIEWED: Gruffalo Trunki Ride-on Suitcase for kids

Getting kids to cart their own luggage around airports is a good idea … in theory

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Oh no it’s a Gruffalo! A wheeled suitcase-with-a-saddle designed to amuse youngsters in airport queues, the popular Trunki here gets a ‘limited edition’ makeover, though it;s can;t be that limited – this particular model has been on sale for at least two years.

Sturdily built

Complete with terrible tusks (but thankfully without terrible claws, teeth or jaws) the Trunki – a product panned by the Dragon’s Den team a few years ago – is sturdily built and stands up well to rough stuff from toddlers.

Wipe-clean plastic

Soft-locked using a simple turnkey on the clip-on lead and with sturdy handles for mum or dad to carry when the child tires/strops just at the crucial moment, the insides are wipe-clean plastic – though the sticker pack and ‘Trunki passport’ ID label proves the Gruffalo is a soft touch.

18 litre capacity

It weighs 3.9kg and measures 460x210x310mm – important to know since it’s probably the adult that will be carrying it through security. As a piece of luggage it’s acceptable; its capacity is an impressive 18 litres and there are a few ‘secret’ compartments inside.

Free ride

Don’t think of Trunki as a free ride for kids. It’s quite the opposite. Although Trunki has wheels it’s not possible for a child to propel itself along, but instead merely drag it through airports. As such, it’s more a good idea in practice than in theory and fit only as a place for a child to sit during check-in. Do yourself (and every other airport-goer) a favour; check-in online, carry the kid’s stuff, and leave Trunki at home.