Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Capulet London wristlet for iPhone

This iPhone 5 wristlet is a snug fit indeed, but it’s only good for dinner dates and dancing. You’ll get no passport and documents in here. 

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Price as reviewed: £199

A wallet on a string, this leather purse-cum-iPhone case carries an iPhone 5, credit cards, keys, coins and cash. It’s handcrafted from French and Italian calf leather in England. Makes a change from China … though vegetarians might disagree.

Takes four credit cards

Does it travel well? Yes, but not for long. Although it’s well-made and designed to take a lot of stuff, putting more than about four credit cards inside jams-up the whole thing.

Tight fit

It works almost too well, with the main compartment taking an iPhone 5 … and keeping it there. Snug isn’t the word; the compartment is so tight that if someone calls, whipping-out the thing is impossible. We almost had to employ some tongs to wrench it out. Still, at least it protects an iPhone – and it will stop you from casually (read: addictively) checking the darn thing every five minutes.

Magnetic personality

It’s more functional in theory than in reality, though the magnetic fastener around the front is a thing of wonder. It just snaps shut on its own, though only if there’s not much stuff inside.

We loved the fastener, and the small compartment for keys and (a few) coins. And it’s so soft inside. However, getting the iPhone 5 out takes too long. And if you use the credit card slots to their fullest, the case doesn’t close properly.

Measuring 17cm long and with detachable wristlet strap, it’s available in black, cobalt, blue, white, red and python print.If you lie the style, there are alternatives; iIf you’re after leather, try the Pipetto Luxury Snakeskin Case or CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc.

Price at time of testing: £179

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