Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: OtterBox Defender Realtree camo for iPhone 5

Outdoorsy iPhone 5 case whose practical design makes it the perfect co-conspirator for away-days in the bush. Just don’t go swimming with it

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A three-layer and very snug and sturdy bump and shock-proof protective case for an iPhone 5, the OtterBox Defender Realtree camo also shields the screen from scratches. It even comes with an optional belt-clip.

Solid and sturdy

It’s aimed at skiers, hikers and campers, and it’s solid and sturdy enough for all, though bizarrely it’s not waterproof. That said, in day-to-day use it’s awesome we felt very comfortable using it and gladly threw our iPhone 5 around.


It’s certainly travel-proof, with an air bubble-free hardscreen protector and hinged silicone plugs for the Lightning connector and headphones jack, though it’s also designed with everyday use in mind; the earpiece, speakers and cameras (front and back) are left naked. Covered buttons, including the on/off switch and volume rockers, are completely covered, but can easily be operated. Place the iPhone 5 inside one of the two orange polycarbonate layers, snap the other on top, and wedge it into the black rubber surround. Simple.

Not waterproof

Despite it not being totally waterproof, using it in the rain – and even a downpour – is absolutely fine. We loved its snug fit, and the belt-clip option is a nice extra; the main device can be clipped-in any which way you choose – even backwards and upside-down, with the screen facing inwards for maximum protection.

Orange screen?

Initially we liked the idea of the camouflaged back plate, but used with a bright orange screen case does seem a little odd. The lack of ultimate waterproofing is also a shame. Aesthetically this case doubles the depth of the 7.6mm iPhone 5, which might concern some.

It’s the perfect co-conspirator for away-days in the bush. Just don’t go swimming with it.