Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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REVIEWED: Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4S

Leather book/wallet flip-case Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4S isn’t as clever as it first appears

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Price as reviewed: £49.95

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A handmade case that has a compartment for an iPhone 4/4S on the right, while on the left are three credit card-sized slots fronted by a transparent photo ID slot. It’s a bit thicker than your average iPhone case so sits a little heavy in a trouser pocket, and does pick-up scratches rather too easily, but as a functional all-in-one wallet-phone case it does the job.

No camera cut-out

Does it work? Yes, though it does lack a camera cut-out. There is a workaround that involves a red fabric tag on the top of the BookBook for temporarily tugging an iPhone upwards to expose the camera, but it’s a rather messy solution. Aside from that lack of camera cutout, it works fine; credit card sit snugly in place and cash is safe from falling out while you make a call.

Credit card slots

Retro looks aside, the credit card/cash storage is a great idea for travellers; why buy a phone case without these? However, the words ‘Book Book’ inscribed in gold lettering on the side is, frankly, horrible. However the cardinal sin is the lack of a camera cut-out – especially for travellers. Pack it for its all-in-one practicality on the road, though it will best suit travellers with a ‘proper’ camera in tow.