Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: GenevaSound Model XS DAB+ Bluetooth speaker

Anyone with clarity and convenience high on a packing list should put this Swiss-made clamshell Bluetooth speaker is as good as it gets

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Price as reviewed: £129

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There’s more to this dense retro Swiss-made speaker than its retractable telescopic FM aerial suggests.

1970s style

Mimicking a 1970s alarm clock, the GenevaSound Model XS DAB+ Bluetooth speaker comes wrapped in a rock-hard, waterproof case that both protects and props-up. Snap it shut and the thing powers-off. Nice.


Truly travel-grade, the GenevaSound Model XS DAB+ Bluetooth speaker features a red LED time display complete with alarms. Bluetooth linking isn’t as quick as it could be, but music is bright and precise with just enough depth. Despite its battery extending to only five hours and coming with just a UK power adaptor, we have a winner.

Perfect for business trips

Swiss tone and rugged, retro good looks make this a true travel-grade gadget.